Horses and Happiness

Horses and Happiness

What type of horse does it take to make you happy? What has to happen to make you feel grateful for your horse?

Second Horse
To some one who learnt to ride on their first horse, happiness can be a younger, more energetic horse.

To the teenager who has fast growing legs, happiness is a taller horse.

Retired Stockman
The old stockman who has spent many long days in the saddle when he was younger, happiness could be riding his favorite horse who has grown old with him.

To some competitive riders, happiness could be a horse that was prettier, less resistant, straighter moving, had more collection, was more athletic, was a more accurate jumper or else was a faster, bolder horse.


While many people are searching for that special horse that will make them happy, there are many young girls (and boys) who just dream of having a pony, any pony . . .

Sometimes we need to think about what we really need to make us happy against what we think we want to make us happy.

You May Already Have What You Are Looking For

What are you really looking for?
Do you have a horse now that is sufficient to create that magical connection between horses and humans? Are you clear on what else it is you are looking for?

Some riders who are always looking for that next horse or better horse might find a lot of the things they are looking for in the horse they already have.

These riders may recognize this if they were more particular on horse presentation, or more focused on the basics, and spent more time building up their horse’s athletic ability and confidence as well as their horse’s fitness.

Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with being competitive and striving to get to the top… if we remember to enjoy the journey and be grateful for our horse.

Happy people are not those who get the horses they want, happy people are those who are grateful for the horses they get.



  1. Amber Lee says:

    There shouldn’t be one type of horse that makes you happy, If you are passionate about horses then any breed, size or colour should make you happy. 🙂

  2. Ally Curtis says:

    As someone still dreaming of my first horse I get frustrated when I see people who don’t understand their horses needs give up so quickly and treat them as disposable items. Obviously I have certain requirements for my ideal horse regarding size, temperament and athleticism, but ultimately my responsibility to the horse is to learn his language

  3. We always have all these expectations and when the horse doesn’t do it we sometimes just want to sell it and get another. Sometimes it really is about training, education, communication and maybe a bit of personality. Happiness is different for everyone.

  4. I think all horses are happy as long as they know they are being treated with LOVE.
    Many horses have their lives filled with love every second of every day.. other horses are not so fortunate though.
    but as long as their are horse lovers in the world horses will have love. Thankyou to all those horsey people

  5. I think all horses are happy as long as they know they are being treated with LOVE.
    Many horses have their lives filled with love every second of every day.. other horses are not so fortunate though.
    but as long as their are horse lovers in the world horses will have love.

  6. Horses are my happiness. I love the friendship and bond that I have with horses

  7. This is so true! I have never been granted with whatever horse I want, I am grateful for the horses I get to ride. My horse was given to me off the track and I couldn’t wish for anything more.

  8. michaela piper says:

    this article shows many different points of view when it comes to which type of horses make people happy and how. my competition horse is a pleasure to own and ride but my problem horse although has issues i very much enjoy when we get a nice ride or have achieved something we haven’t been able to that is turn can make me happier then a nice ride on my well trained horse.

  9. Makaley Blanch says:

    This is a great article, it really makes you think about what makes you happy and what you truly want in a horse. I think people put so much pressure on being the best and don’t really consider the most affective way to getting there. Yes training and hard work is very important but so is love and kindness, building a bond with your horse can make the difference between being good and being amazing. For me I’ve already had what i would consider my ‘dream horse’ she was my partner, my best friend, she was hard working and she put 100% into everything she did. She was absolutely amazing. My ‘dream horse’ is one that is your partner and one that you grow with.

  10. This article really makes you think about the future and what it means to have a horse and be happy. I love riding at horse riding places but I wish I had my own horse. Oh well, maybe I will get my special horse one day.
    P.S I am new to the collage.

  11. Rachel Dawson says:

    This article really makes us think about why we have horses and makes us think about the true reason we love our horses.
    For me, happiness is just being with your horse, spending time, not riding, training, working, just doing nothing… spending quality time with your best friend…

  12. Megan Campbell says:

    this article is a great read, really makes you think about when and where your happiness comes from. For me my happiness comes from being around all and every horse.

  13. Shay Edwards says:

    This article is great as i makes you think about what it is you are really looking for and to think about your own horse and what they mean to you and what you want to get from them and what they can learn from you.

  14. Amy Steele says:

    I love this article. It’s doesn’t matter whether someone else thinks your horse is ugly or even calls your horse a donkey. What matters is that you love your horse no matter what. I’ve been riding all my life in many different disciples on what you would call ‘bush horses’ and I love them. People say it’s always the difficult horses that have the most to teach…to me this is very true. Thanks to these horses teaching me how to deal with problems such as rearing, bucking and bolting (the list goes on). So now some advice for everyone…….. No matter what people say about your horse(s) always love them as they are the ones you trust your life with.

  15. this article made me think of how there are so many different horses and yet more different people in the world with different passions and its ideal to make sure you know the characteristics of a horse before putting it through something entirely new for it and wondering why it isn’t being successful without the right training and goes to waste or ends up being sold.

  16. my current pony is my dream horse. I have only just started to break him in. He is very intelligent and has the best trot I have ever ridden

  17. I don’t have my own horse. It is something I dream of everyday. I think that nothing will make me happier. I don’t like it when other people ride my favourite horse. They do things he doesn’t like. No one understands him like me.
    I like to be with all horses. They make me feel peaceful.

  18. This is such a good article and absolutely agree. I’ve had my baby girl for 1yr+ and she was so malnourished and was so skinny and just was such a sad horse. But after a year she is the chunkiest tb and has such a big character and is such a sweet, sassy, crazy girl haha.

  19. Minne Dekker says:

    I’ve always wanted an haflinger; its my dream horse. Lately I’ve been getting deeper and deeper in to the cutting sport and I’d love to train my own haflinger into a cow horse and train it properly so I can teach others as well.
    On the other hand; maybe I’m better off with an already set trained horse. So I can practice my own skills and learn from the older and trustworthy horse and the dream of training a horse will come later; when I have more time on my hands and more experience.
    The teaching others part is actually becoming true at this minute!

  20. Kirsty Skinner says:

    My horses bring me great happiness and I have no idea what I would do without them now!

  21. Denicka says:

    What a great article!

  22. michelle says:

    This is a great article. From never thinking I would ever be able to have a horse, I am very greatful for the 2 boys I have. My first I have had for 2.5 years and my other is just 6 months. My first horse was underweight when I first got him. He didn’t even have energy to stand for too long. Now I am competing in barrel races with him. He is definitely not the fastest horse but we are working on that one. 🙂



  24. Darcie-Lee Ashton says:

    Horses bring happiness to my life without these great gentle giants I don’t know what I would do with myself. Horses are an amazing gift from God

  25. By reading this, I know that my horse is my happiness and that horses are very bold creatures and how strong your friendship could be with them!

  26. Kiarrah Vallins says:

    This article is very useful, it helps horse owners and enthusiasts to find the perfect horse. Pictures also help.

  27. Love this… Very true they are massive animals that have the ability to dominate us but they do as we ask and this is amazing

  28. Jade McKinven says:

    Horses are my happiness. The connection I have with my horse is amazing. I respect him and he respects me. He looks to me for leadership and this makes him feel safe.

  29. britney clement says:

    horses are my happiness I feel so happy and at peace when im with my horses.

  30. It doesn’t take anything in particular for a horse to make me happy, but like most I do have my preferences. I love quicker/green horses. They’re a lot of fun to ride and be around. I currently work with a horse who has made me more happy than any other. He is well trained but excitable and fun. He can turn on a dime and do almost anything you ask him to. To top it off, he is great with his hooves and everything else. For me he is the horse that makes me happy.

  31. Aliesha Carter says:

    I am the dreamer for sure

  32. Maddison Caldwell says:

    love this, i have found my happiness its working with horses in general, i have a beautiful QH mare that I’ve had for 5 years now and the bond we have is amazing.

  33. Breanan Hollis says:

    I learnt to ride at a riding school when i was 10 and then free leased one of their lease ponies. He was my dream pony teaching me many basics of riding until 1. I was growing and I was too tall to comfortably ride him and 2. I needed to upskill myself. I went on to a second horse that began as a project horse as she was a neglected horse in a paddock being given away. After taking some professional riders/breakers with me to inspect the horse I decided she was the one for me. She was an ex race horse that had only had two starts and then left in a paddock as she wasn’t race material. She had been sold from home to home and finally left in a paddock with other horses to run free with no regular human contact. We had an immediate bond and now 5 years later we are still the best team.

  34. Sarah-Jayne Williams says:

    i love this, i have found my happiness its working with horses in general, i have two beautiful standardbred mares, one is 25 years old the other is 13 years old, i used to be a very very nervous rider, but i had dreamed of being a rider since i was a little girl, horses were all i wanted, i was 14 i think when i got my first horse, he wasnt for me, we never had a bond and he wasnt suitable for my ability of riding, it took two horses before i found my perfect horse, i had no confidence when i got her, and since then my 25 year old mare has boosted my confidence enough for me to break in my very own horse which is my 13 year old, i went from nervous and on a lead to riding out and about, cantering, riding 20km trail rides, and jumping, jumping was the one thing i wanted to learn most its one of my favourite horse riding activity, and i was finally able to do it, all this has made me so happy, every day i face people who told me, i would never make a rider, im too big for my horse, i should give up, but i never did and i pursued and i came out on top and its all thanks to my 25 year old mare MJ and my 13 year old mare Ivy.

  35. Mikaela King says:

    Interesting and Informative.

  36. M Kerle says:

    Horses are Happiness… Horses are love and all things good. Horses are the calmness in your soul. Many people dream of being a horse owner but nothing compares to when you walk out your back stairs and see your horse/s.

  37. Olivia R says:

    Great article!

  38. Horses really are amazing creatures. Seeing any horse always had me thinking how gorgeous and beautiful they really are. For one to have such a great trust and bond with such a large animal with no verbal communication is something so unbelievably incredible. Take the time to appreciate your horse, they may not be the miracle horse you dream of at night but they sure are special and have so much more to show if you work together and give some directions.

  39. Karly Bannink says:

    Each horse lover, rider, owner and enthusiast designs their dream horse. One with the perfect looks, the perfect personality, perhaps even the perfect breeding or athleticism. But alot of the time, no one realizes that the perfect horse is the one you build on. The one you help create and morph into. A horse that meets the basic requirements but works with you to create not only the perfect horse for that individual but the perfect team. The perfect team is where happiness is, and the journey of creating that team is what makes happiness.

    • I believe that each person has a different personality and that God made them that way. Because of their personalities each person needs to find the right type of horse that best suits them. Then once they find that horse they build on that relationship with them and become comfortable working and doing things with the horse. The horse chooses his owner and the owner then becomes more attached to the horse and better understands each other. Just how God made a horses with different personalities he also made people with different personalities and everyone differs.

  40. Keeley B says:

    I that this is an extremely important topic. So often we forget to appreciate and acknowledge the wonderful, incredible creatures and things in our lives. I think that this also comes back to living in the present. Stop constantly looking for the bigger and better, fancier and come back to earth to acknowledge what is already in your life. Sometimes, relationships with horses and people don’t work out and the person finds that they do want something a bit different or more suited to who they are or want to be. But even when this happens, I believe it is still important to appreciate and enjoy that horse. To be grateful that you had that chance to experience and enjoy such an incredible creature.

  41. It doesn’t matter what horse you have, it is all about the bonding. It makes you realise how lucky you are to have a horse, when so many others can only dream of having one.

  42. I agree fully with this article. I think that many people forget the simple joy in just having such a gracious beautiful animal happy to work for us. They forget the simple beauty of that bond and friendship.

    • I agree with what you are saying how some people forget that horses are special and that we as people should be thankful for what the fact that we can have horses. Horses are enjoyable to ride and work with they have a great friendship between people and store memories of joy in our hearts. I thank the Lord for his creativity and thought of creating the wonderful horses we have today.

  43. I love this article & think it is very well put together , as horses bring me my soul happiness and the bond between me and my two beautiful boys is worth more then anything to me.

  44. Renae Michalik says:

    this aritcle is very helpful and understanding in many ways as it allows you to understand and see the kind of connections you can make and build with a horse

  45. Stacey W says:

    Couldnt agree more with that final statement! It’s all about bonding with the horse. You may not think that they are perfect in the beginning but hard work always pays off! Work with your horse, set realistic goals and when they are reached not only will you be pleased with your horse, but with yourself too.

  46. Claire B says:

    Different horses bring happiness to different people. This article is spot on, there are so many different ways a horse can make someone happy. Many of us dream about the perfect horse but the more time we spend with our horses the stronger the bond between the both of you gets and eventually that will be the perfect for you and the horse that makes you happy.

  47. I agree fully with this article. There are too many people in the horse industry who take their horses for granted and as soon as the horse is considered inadequate, they just get pushed to the side for a ‘better’ horse and it is good to see that people are starting to address this and making people realise that they need to embrace having a connection with a horse no matter its skills.

  48. Sarah L says:

    I like this article it is very good to understand these things about horses

  49. Sarah L says:

    this is very helpful in many ways it allows you to see the kind of connections you can make with a horse

  50. GeorgiaS says:

    My ideal horse is my Yorkie, she is as quiet as anything but still has a few traits that keep me on my toes. In my opinion a horse that you can still develop and learn new things with is the best, not a perfect completely bombproof horsed with no silly traits that never steps a foot wrong ever. dealing with a horse like that once I started learning I found I became a little too confident in every horse around me which got me in trouble.

  51. Serena Stanley says:

    It’s surprisingly accurate the types of horses riders want/ prefer at different levels. However all horses are wonderful and it shouldn’t matter what type of horse they are to how you treat them and think about them. In saying that the best horse for me is the one I have trained myself and seen it grow and improve his performance.

  52. Amorita Bella says:

    All horses make me happy, I just love being around them. But the one horse that gives me butterflies (good exciting ones) and the horse that makes my day 110 times better is a beautiful black gelding I am educating at the moment. This horse and I have both learnt so much about each other, there is mutual respect between us and we already have a very strong bond. So I guess the type of horse that makes me very happy is ones who test you, learn their limits and then completely trust you and show you much love and affection.

  53. Kayla Heeman says:

    I think this article is great.

  54. Any horse, regardless of it’s colour, breed, size, agility etc. can make me happy. I’m grateful for my horse everyday as he gives me as much respect as I give him and tries his best at everything I ask of him.

  55. To have a relationship with a horse is a true friendship. Trust and respect are the key factors in building the connection between the rider and horse. Some partnerships take longer than others but when you have that partnership you have a friend for life.

  56. Chloe Paton says:

    I think this article is very accurate! Every horse person knows what horse makes them happy. Whether its pleasure riding, Dressage, Show jumping. We all have a special connection with that one horse who makes us happy.

  57. I have four horses and to me each one of them is a dream horse, they each have a different personality and each have their own story to tell. I think that everyone should read this article and then decide what type of horse they want or what type of a person they are to their horses. A dream horse for someone is usually a horse right under their nose or is one that is staring them in the face.

  58. Zyia Sheveleff says:

    At the moment i’m riding a very green pony and also a well school mare, i’m still yet to decide what I want in my perfect horse.

  59. Louise Bradbury says:

    I agree with Emma this article should be read by all people wanting a horse, there is much more to just owning a horse, there is the building of confidence with your horse and all the up keep. Your horse gets just as lonely as we do if do not spend the time with him/her, spending time with your horse is so rewarding and they will be will to try most things that are put before them.

  60. Charlotte K says:

    This article is very true and shows that there is so many different ways horses can make people happy. Horses are just such amazing creatures and I am looking forward to completing this course 🙂

  61. Josie Richardson says:

    Horses are such therapeutic creatures they are all a dream to own in their individual way. I am currently in search of my next forever pony to join my family.

  62. Kate Theed says:

    This article really shows how different people connect to different horses 🙂

  63. this article was a very good read and shows the difference in the types of horse owners out there. it also shed light on the competitive side where horses owners are always looking for a better horse. is there such thing as the perfect competition horse or are they just avoiding one problem and receiving a new one instead. And the recycle continues an till someone or a trainer see the potential in that horse and it becomes there perfect horse in to them. Every horse is a dream horse to someone.

  64. shows that horses can help there owners in many ways

  65. I like this article very much , nice and of course was about horses . my favourite animal

  66. This article should be read by all equestrians and horse lovers, for those who need a perfect horse in order to be happy should not keep searching but should be grateful for what they have and work with what they have got, horses deserve to be happy too.

  67. bianca dingle says:

    this artical was very interesting and was a good read. Firstly you need to form a mutual respect, that can be formed by doing ground work. Once respect is formed a strong bond will follow, this will then make both yours and your horses life less stressful and more fun. respect = bond=happiness.

  68. Happiness between horse and human is also built through the trust and love you and your horse have for each other. Although the article also helped me understand different aspects of how there is happiness built between a horse and people.

  69. I think that as long a horse is happy the owner will experience more joy and love through their partnership with the horse because it is all about relationship. However these days the look and performance of a horse is what seems to be the more important thing that developing a relationship. Generally any interest in something will begin with attraction but beyond that time needs to be taken to develop a bond and experience the love a horse can give to be able to truly happy 🙂

  70. This article made me think more about what the ideal horse would be. Very well put together.

  71. I liked this article it was very nice and talked about happiness with different sorts of horses.

  72. Everyone has their own idea of their dream horse. But what some people don’t realise is that their dream horse may be just outside in the paddock. You might think that your horse is stubborn and will never perform how you want but with good training and persistence it can become your dream horse. Training the perfect horse takes time and patience. Perfection can’t be rushed!

  73. Horses brings happiness to willing owners.. We may have criteria for the perfect and dream horse but often times the opposite the opposite happens. We ended up with stubborn horses first but as we begin to train them the right way and all thier needs are met they begin to be happy and at the same time this happiness reflects to us as their owners and trainors..

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