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A Personal Message from Glenys Cox

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Hi, and welcome to ‘Online Horse College .com‘!

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about our exciting new online horse courses, in particular in basic horse care. In this course you will learn about caring for and handling horses safely and correctly and gain confidence at the same time.

This is not just another course where we give you the videos, workbooks and other learning resources and that is it! You are assessed to confirm that you have the knowledge and once you are competent you will receive your Government Accredited Qualification.

All of our courses are Government Approved for training in the equine industry and this course is especially designed to give you the knowledge to work with horses safely and correctly. You may already have contact with horses, through your family or friends or you may be lucky enough to already have your own horse.

If you are already experience in caring for and handling your own horse, please talk to us about your equine career options as you may be looking for a more advanced course.

When you enrol in your ‘Basic Horse Care‘ course, I am sure you will enjoy your experience with us and trust that it will lead you to learn more about horses and maybe one day into a full-time rewarding career where you can follow your passion!

Remember to live your dreams,


Glenys 🙂

(Ms) Glenys Cox
Director – Online Horse College (Ausintec Academy)
AHRC Level 2 Horseriding Coach
EFA Level 2 General (Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing) Equestrian Coach
EFA & AHRC Examiner
EFA & AHRC Coach Educator
Workplace Trainer and Assessor
International Level 2 Equestrian Passport
Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education
Master of Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Here is what you get when you join the Basic Horse Care Course

What will I learn?

Your ‘Basic Horse Care (Statement of Attainment)’ course outline has 12 different ‘Areas of Study’, with 4 bonus ‘Summary Lessons’ in these areas along with practical assessments towards the completion of your course.

These are the components of the Basic Horse Care course:

  • Safety – This essential subject is discussed right at the beginning of your course and shows you how to dress and behave around horses, and reasons horses think and react the way they do. It will show you the safest place to be while working around your horse as well as tips for handling, catching, releasing, leading and tying up your horse.
  • Colors/Colours – As well as colors, variations of colour of horses and their distinguishing features, you will learn about face markings, head markings and other ways of identifying horses (both man made and natural). We have lots of full color pictures and practical ‘extension lessons’ so you will learn how to identify different horses.
  • Horse Points – This lesson on the different parts of the horse is important when you are communicating with other horse professionals. Imagine phoning your Veterinary Surgeon to discuss a problem about the ‘bumpy bit’ on your horse’s leg! You will be able to identify what is desirable and what is undesirable when looking for a horse.
  • Hooves – There is an old saying ‘No Foot No Horse’ which clearly explains the essential element of care that is required to care for and maintain a horse’s hoof. We show you how to safely and correctly check and pick out your horses hoof, as well as how often they should be shod or trimmed and how to check they have been done correctly.
  • Feeding – Have you heard of the ‘Rules of Feeding a Horse’? Horses are prone to colic when they are fed incorrectly so this part of your study is vital to maintain the health of your horse. Not only will we teach you the rules of feeding, but you will also learn about the types of feed, how to determine the quality of feed and how to prepare feed to minimize the risk of colic.
  • Horse Care – It doesn’t matter if your horse lives in or out or a combination of both, we will teach you about your horse’s needs for these types of living situations. You will also learn about travelling your horse and how to safely load and unload your horse, minimising the risk of travel for both you and your horse.
  • Seasonal Care – As the seasons get colder or warmer, your horses needs will change. Their feeds will need to be adjusted and they will need extra care and attention. You will learn about when to clip (and when not to clip) as well as safe ways to protect your horse with rugs/ blankets. Prevention of dehydration and use of electrolyte and fluid replacement is also taught.
  • Parasite Control – So that you have an understanding of the detrimental effects parasites have on a horse’s health we show you the life cycle of the worms most common to horses. You will learn how to recognize the effects different ones will have on your horse. We also will teach you how often your horse should be de-wormed and other methods of controlling parasites.
  • Saddlery and Care – Whether you ride or you support a child, friend or partner that rides, you will need to know how to care for and maintain saddlery. We show you the different types of saddles and bridles and the names of the parts. You will learn about the different cleaning products available and how to take apart and put together your saddle and bridle.
  • Other Horse Gear – As well as saddles and bridles, you will learn about other items of saddlery that your horse may require. You will also learn about the various types of bits and discuss what may be the most suitable for your horse. You will learn how to check your bit and bridle is the right size for your horse and how to fit and adjust it correctly.
  • Common Breeds/ Types – As you become more familiar with the identification of horse, you should notice that there are different ‘types’ of horses, usually because they have descended from different breeding. This will enhance your knowledge of horses as you identify the characteristics commonly associated with the common breeds of horses throughout the world.
  • Riding Support – Knowing how to prepare a horse as well as the aftercare are important to your horse’s welfare. You may be riding your own horse, or supporting another rider and you will learn about safely and efficiently putting on the bridle and saddle as well as caring for your horse after riding.

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Accept Terms and Conditions

As part of the Enrolment Process, students must accept the Terms and Conditions. I understand that by proceeding I will be accepting the Terms and Conditions of Ausintec Academy.


We want to be the best Online Horse College in the world! To do this we need students to give us feedback on how we are going and how we can improve. To encourage you to enrol in this course and to give us the feedback so we can continue to improve, we are offering the following bonuses

  • Bonus Summary Lessons – Just to make sure you have repetitive learning, on completion of all the above areas you will be taken to four more bonus ‘summary’ lessons where you will be re-assessed in all the above areas. This will confirm your knowledge about horse care and have you ready to receive your qualification.
  • Bonus Weekly Tutorials – This bonus is probably worth more than the course itself! How much do you pay now for your weekly lessons? Each week you have the opportunity to come on a teleconference with one of our professional equine experts They are usually with a qualified riding instructor, but they could be with a Veterinary Surgeon, a Farrier/ Blacksmith or another person who specialized in a particular area related to the equine industry. If you have a question about riding or another horse related subject, we can usually answer it in the weekly phone tutorials.
  • Bonus Recordings – We are building a library of recordings of interviews with equine experts. These recordings will be available to you free of charge once you enrol in any of our courses. The weekly tutorials are also recorded and you will have access to previous calls with our equine experts
  • Bonus Ebooks – To complement your course and expand your knowledge, we also have a library of horse related ebooks that you will have access to. Many of these horse care ebooks have been written by Specialist Veterinary Surgeons and Blacksmiths/ Farriers.

Your Graduation

On successful completion of the ‘Basic Horse Care’ course, you will receive a ‘Statement of Attainment’ for the unit ‘SISOEQO201A Handle horses’ Further details are available at This unit forms part of BSB10115 Certificate I in Business

We want you to be qualified in the latest, most up to date courses. If the Training Package changes while you are enrolled we will do our best to change your course into the new Training Package as early as possible. Also, we monitor the latest demands of the horse industry and we will update your course to these demands as early as possible.

How long will my course take?

This course has been designed to be taken part time, over 4 weeks. However, it could take less time if you already

  • have previous experience with horses
  • plan to study for more than 20 hours per week
  • plan to study full time

If you already have previous experience and would like to study full time, this course about learning to care for horses will probably take around a month. Simply let us know if you would like to ‘fast track’ your course!

Of course you may take longer if you like and your enrolment will be valid for up to two years. If you would like to re-enrol for a further two years, just contact us for your updated enrolment details.

Where and how is my course delivered?

All lessons are delivered online through your secure web page with a range of resources such as

  • Workbooks
  • Extension Lessons/Homework
  • Video Tutorials
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Student Resources
  • Other Student Support
  • And Much, Much More!

A combination of practical skills and theoretical knowledge are the main requirements for this qualification and these skills will be developed throughout the course. The theory component is assessed through Online Horse College and the practical component may be completed by RPL from prior qualifications, references, third party reports or practical assessment. Otherwise you can upload a video and email us the link with your self and peer assessments. The cost for the practical assessments is paid directly to the assessor.

This ‘Basic Horse Care’ course will be much more straightforward if you have easy access to an equine environment where you can regularly practice your skills

You will also be able to have regular phone tutorials during the course. In these you can ask us about any particular questions about Basic Horse Care, even if it is not specifically included in your course.

Who will supervise my assessments?

Although they will need to be confirmed with us, when you complete most of your online assessments, you will know the results immediately! If you are not happy with the results, you simply take the online assessment again!

If you already have a horse care teacher or equestrian coach, they may be already qualified to supervise and/ or assess your practical assessments or even give us a ‘Third Party Report’. (There is an application process for assessors that must be completed prior to your assessment) Other people who may be qualified to supervise and/ or assess could be the owner/manager of your stable, or someone-one else you know who has considerable experience with horses.

If this is not possible we can also assess your practical skills with horses and ponies by video. Simply upload or send us a video to view so we can complete your assessment.

You will also be required to ‘self’ assess and ‘peer’ assess your practical activities with horses. A ‘peer’ may be some-one with around the same experience as you with horses. They act as a ‘mirror’ and mark off your checklist as you complete your activities.

We may also conduct some verbal assessments during a phone call or phone tutorial

Some of these assessments may be simulated when it is impractical to assess in a realistic setting.

Will I be accepted into this course?

This online horse course is part of our ‘Career Pathway’ and suitable if you already have substantial experience with horses. If you already have extensive knowledge handling and caring for horses you can contact us for an RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) Application.

Alternatively you could consider our ‘Your Own Horse‘ course. This course also includes the ‘Horse Riding Lessons’ course and is priced well if you enrol in both at the same time. Also, it is possible to customize a course to suit your equine learning needs. Please contact us if this sounds like you

Also you should be

  • fit and healthy enough to meet the practical requirements of this course
  • at least nine (9) years of age to commence this course
  • completed equivalent to Year 4 (Queensland Education)
    • or equivalent to five years full-time study in the English language
    • or equivalent to six years full-time study in another language
      • with excellent reading, writing, speaking and listening English language skills

Alternatively you may have sufficient life experience (at least 18 years) in lieu of the educational qualifications.

This course is delivered and assessed in English, so if English is not your first language you should be able to read, write, listen and speak the English language in an excellent manner prior to enrolment so you can maximise your learning.

If you believe you have equivalent pre-requisites to enter this course, or a very good reason why you cannot meet these pre-requisites, please contact us to discuss Email: Office @

What do I need to supply for my course?

You will need to supply

  • A computer with
    • Internet access
    • Microsoft Office suite
    • Printer
    • Scanner (preferable but not essential)
    • Skype software (free) for phone tutorials
    • Other free software as advised during the course
  • An equestrian environment/ trail ride centre for practical training and assessments, ideally in a commercial setting (see our checklist)
  • A suitable horse for your practical activities
  • A supervisor who has experience with horses and in particular in the section you are studying. As horse activities are of a high risk nature, it is essential that when you are attempting unfamiliar activities you
    • have completed the theory components prior to attempting the practical components
    • are under the supervision of an experienced horse person who can perform the task competently. This supervisor should have performed the task many times, is able to advise you on the risks and show you how to minimise the risks. They should continue to supervise you until you are competent.



Our Guarantee To You!

We are so sure that our courses will prepare you to work in the Horse Industry that we will guarantee you a 100% full refund of all the course fees paid to Online Horse if you cannot find work in the horse industry once you have completed our ‘International Equine Career Pathway’.

Start Your “Basic Horse Care” Course Today!

Accept Terms and Conditions

As part of the Enrolment Process, students must accept the Terms and Conditions. I understand that by proceeding I will be accepting the Terms and Conditions of Ausintec Academy.

What further study or work opportunities are available on completion of my course?

When you have completed the ‘Basic Horse Care’ course, you can enrol in our ‘Horse Riding Lessons‘ course.

The ‘Basic Horse Care’ qualification by itself is not recognized for work entry but can be credited towards the ‘Working with Horses‘ course. If you are considering employment in the horse industry, you may consider enrolling in our ‘Trail Ride Leader‘ course now.

If you do not wish to learn to ride, you may enrol in further horse care subjects from our ‘Working with Horses‘ course or choose this course without the horse riding elective.

Is this course recognized in my country?

Our distance learning equine studies all work within the Australian Training Qualifications Framework (AQTF). We provide a Pathway from High School through our Certificate and Diploma courses that give recognized credit into University courses. These distance learning equine courses are registered in Australia, but because they are taught by distance education, students can access them around the world and still receive their educational qualifications.

Most countries recognize qualifications delivered and accredited by Registered Training Organisations in Australia. They are often held in higher regard to qualifications issued in their own country!

If your country has equestrian and equine qualifications, they may be able to grant RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) into their qualifications from your studies at Online Horse College.


National Recognaize Training All of our online equine courses are from fully accredited qualifications and we are Nationally Recognised to deliver this training. See details of our last audit here. These home study horse courses have been adapted to the needs of the international Equestrian Industry. We are accredited to deliver the following;

Horse Business Introduction
(BSB10115 – Certificate I in Business)

Horse Industry Introduction
(RGR10108 – Certificate I in Racing)

Sport Horse Introduction
(SIS10115 – Certificate I in Sport and Recreation)

Horse Husbandry Assistant
(AHC21210 – Certificate II in Rural Operations)

Working with Horses
(BSB20115 – CCertificate II in Business)

Working with Sport Horses
(SIS20313 – Certificate II in Sport and Recreation)

Horse Riding Instructor
(SIS30713 – Certificate III in Sport Coaching)

Horse Husbandry Professional
(AHC32810 – Certificate III in Rural Operations)

Horse Industry Professional
(BSB30115 – Certificate III in Business)

Horse Riding Instructor
(SIS30713 – Certificate III in Sport Coaching)

Own Horse Business
(BSB40415 – Certificate IV in Small Business Management)

Specialised Horseriding Instructor
(SIS40512 – Certificate IV in Sport Coaching)

Advanced Horseriding Instructor
(BSB42615 – Certificate IV in New Small Business)

Equine Business Management
(BSB50215 – Diploma of Business)

Advanced Horseriding Instructor
(SIS50512 – Diploma of Sport Coaching)

We keep abreast with the latest developments within the equine industry and as Training Packages and courses are revised, we will re-enrol you in the updated course before the teach-out period at no additional cost to you.

ACPET We are a member of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET). Acpet is the National Industry Association for independent providers of Vocational Education. They have strict controls in place to guarantee that students are treated fairly and in accordance with their guidelines
Central Link You may be eligible to be paid for up to two years for an individual course, but only if you are an Australian citizen and meet the Centrelink guidelines. Your local Centrelink office will be able to let you know if you meet their criteria for our equine home learning. Most people do, but if you already have a sizable income then don’t expect to qualify Provider Institution Ref No: 4P530
Ausintec Acadamy Ausintec Academy (previously Ausintec/Caboolture Equestrian Centre) has been a Registered Training Organisation since 2010 delivering courses to meet the needs of the International Equestrian Industry during that time. Until recently Ausintec Academy has delivered all training ‘on campus’ but has developed online courses to meet the needs of the growing International equine community.Registered Training Organisation No: 31352
Guarantee Logo We offer a 100% Money Back Risk Free GuaranteeWe are so sure that our courses will prepare you to work in the Horse Industry that we will guarantee you a 100% full refund of all the course fees paid to OnlineHorseCollege .com if you cannot find work in the horse industry once you have completed our International Equine Career Pathway.
Equestrian Australia As a Registered Training Organisation, we cannot give you credit into the EA (Equestrian Australia – previously Equestrian Federation of Australia qualifications for the study you compete with us.However our Director (Glenys Cox) is a qualified Coach Educator and Examiner for EA and is able to offer credit into the EA qualifications from your studies at OnlineHorseCollege.comPlease contact her at Glenys (at) for further details
For information of RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) from our courses into EA courses, please visit this link on the EA website
Austrilian Horse Riding Centres Depending on your State requirements, the ‘Horse Riding Instructor’/ ‘Trail Ride Leader’/ ‘Certificate 3 in Sport Coaching’ with Equestrian Electives may be the complete qualification required for you to be employed immediately as a horse riding instructor or a trail ride leaderIf you require further assessments, or credit from one of our other courses our Director (Glenys Cox) is a qualified Coach Educator and Examiner and is able to complete your individual State requirementsPlease contact her at Glenys (at) for further details

Australian Students

All of our courses are Government Approved for training in the equine industry and Australian students can take advantage of these extra opportunities


What is the total value of my ‘Basic Horse Care’ Course?

Total Course Value $470.00
Enrolment Fee $200.00
Bonus Summary Lessons and Assessments $470.00
Bonus Weekly Phone Tutorials (available for one year) $20 x 50 weeks $1,000.00
Bonus Recordings (at least) 20 x $25 $500.00
Bonus Ebooks (at least) 20 x $17 $340.00
Total Value $2,880.00

If You Enrol Now, Your Special Introductory Price Will Be*




(or from $47 monthly)

That’s over 80% Off!

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Start Your “Basic Horse Care” Course Today!

Accept Terms and Conditions

As part of the Enrolment Process, students must accept the Terms and Conditions. I understand that by proceeding I will be accepting the Terms and Conditions of Ausintec Academy.

* This price is for a limited number of enrolments only, so we apologize if they are no longer available at this price when you try to enrol


Only Limited Spots Are Available

Because of the time commitment required to offer such a high level of support, we have to strictly limit the number of members in this course.

So if you want to APPLY to enroll, then please go ahead and apply now while there’s still time. Just click the button to apply.

But it gets even better…

Why is there such a huge discount on this course?

Simple! We want to offer the best online equine training in the world! To achieve this goal we need more feedback and are prepared to subsidize your equine/ equestrian training. In return we ask that you give us your opinion on this new course and let us know of any ‘teething’ problems.

But once we have completed our testing the price WILL GO UP!. The price will go up without notice so if you would like to learn more about horses, and in particular if you plan to work in the international equine industry then I urge you to enrol NOW!

Is this the right course for me?

  • Are you new to horses or maybe a parent, friend or partner of a horse lover?
  • Would you like to learn more about caring for horses?
  • Are you preparing for your first horse?
  • Would you just like to know that you are caring for your horse correctly?

If you have said ‘yes‘ to any of the above questions, then YESthis is the right course for you

Simply enrol now and take advantage of our special offer

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Accept Terms and Conditions

As part of the Enrolment Process, students must accept the Terms and Conditions. I understand that by proceeding I will be accepting the Terms and Conditions of Ausintec Academy.

When do my online classes commence?


Once your payment has been processed, you will automatically gain access to a secure student page. This page will give you access to the first section of your ‘Basic Horse Care’ course as well as some of your free bonuses

Start learning within minutes!

Now the decision is yours…

You now have the opportunity to join one of the most successful Online Horse Colleges in the world.

Our ‘Basic Horse Care’ Courses account for up to 82% of our student career choices! That means, you have an excellent opportunity to be a highly successful with your own horse career/business – just follow my steps faithfully.

Given the tremendous savings, the extra free gifts, and the outrageous risk-free guarantee, I think it should be a ‘no-brainer’” for you to make the final decision.

Consider this…

…Your WORST case scenario is you will talk to me and find that the ‘Basic Horse Care – Statement of Attainment’ Course is not what you’re looking for. We will simply have a conversation where you can ask me your questions about the course. Then, if it is not what you are looking for then we can both discontinue the call and you will not be charged one cent!

On the other hand…

…Your BEST case scenario is you finally find the course that you have been looking for and work towards the career that you have dreamed about….

Imagine seeing your resume – the right qualifications to always find the ideal horse job, no matter what country you live in or travel to!

Considering both scenarios, you simply can’t lose by applying up for the ‘Basic Horse Care – Statement of Attainment’ Course IMMEDIATELY!

How to Apply for The ‘Basic Horse Care – Statement of Attainment’ Course

Start Your “Basic Horse Care” Course Today!

Accept Terms and Conditions

As part of the Enrolment Process, students must accept the Terms and Conditions. I understand that by proceeding I will be accepting the Terms and Conditions of Ausintec Academy.

As you are undertaking an Australian qualification on the National Training Framework, you must provide

If you are in Australia

  • Proof of Citizenship (Either Birth Certificate, Medicare Card or Passport for any Country)
  • Proof of Residency (Drivers Licence / 18+ Card / Bank Statement / Centrelink Card / Utility Bill / AEC Letter displaying your current residential address)
  • USI (Unique Student Identifier), details found on this link
  • Proof of Prior Education or Certificates

If you are overseas

  • Proof of Citizenship
    (If you are able to provide Birth Certificate or Passport then please contact us)
  • Proof of ID (a form of photo identification preferably)
  • Proof of Prior Education or Certificates

Funded students will require additional identification as stated on your Enrolment Form

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call my office on + 61 7 3102 5498 or (07) 3102 5498. My team will assist you – with respect and courtesy. So please go ahead and Apply now. To delay may mean you pay more or risk missing out.

Here’s to your equine career success,

Ms Glenys Cox
Horse Riding Instructor,
Equestrian Coach Educator & Examiner,
Teacher, Lecturer, Author, Mentor & Horse Lover
Online Horse College