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All of our online equine courses are from fully accredited qualifications and we are Nationally Recognised to deliver this training. See details of our last audit. These home study horse courses have been adapted to the needs of the international Equestrian Industry. We are accredited to deliver the following;

BSB10112Certificate I in Business Horse Business Introduction
SIS10113Certificate I in Sport and RecreationSport Horse Introduction
RGR10108Certificate I in RacingHorse Industry Introduction
BSB20112Certificate II in Business Working with Horses
SIS20313Certificate II in Sport and Recreation Working with Sport Horses
AHC21210Certificate II in Rural OperationsWorking with Rural Horses
SIS30713Certificate III in Sport CoachingHorse Riding Instructor
BSB30112Certificate III in BusinessHorse Industry Professional
AHC32810Certificate III in Rural OperationsRural Horse Industry Professional
SIS40512Certificate IV in Sport CoachingSpecialised Horse-riding Instructor
BSB40407Certificate IV in Small Business Management Own Horse Business
SIS50512Diploma of Sport Coaching Advanced Horse Riding Instructor
BSB50207Diploma of BusinessEquine Business Management

Ausintec Academy is a member of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET). ACPET is the National Industry Association for independent providers of Vocational Education. They have strict controls in place to guarantee that students are treated fairly and in accordance with their guidelines

You may be eligible to be paid for up to two years for an individual course, but only if you are an Australian citizen and meet the Centrelink guidelines.

Your local Centrelink office will be able to let you know if you meet their criteria for our equine home learning. Most people do, but if you already have a sizable income then don’t expect to qualify!

Provider Institution Ref No: 4P530



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