Online Horse College

Online Horse College

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All of our online equine courses are from fully accredited qualifications and we are Nationally Recognised to deliver this training. See details of our last audit. These home study horse courses have been adapted to the needs of the international Equestrian Industry. We are accredited to deliver the following;

BSB10115 Certificate I in Business Horse Business Introduction
RGR10108 Certificate I in Racing Horse Industry Introduction
SIS10115 Certificate I in Sport and Recreation Sport Horse Introduction
AHC21210 Certificate II in Rural Operations Horse Husbandry Assistant
BSB20115 Certificate II in Business Working with Horses
SIS20313 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation Working with Sport Horses
SIS30713 Certificate III in Sport Coaching Horse Riding Instructor
AHC32810 Certificate III in Rural Operations Horse Husbandry Professional
BSB30115 Certificate III in Business Horse Industry Professional
SIS30713 Certificate III in Sport Coaching Horse Riding Instructor
SIS40512 Certificate IV in Sport Coaching Specialised Horse Riding Instructor
BSB42615 Certificate IV in New Small Business Own Horse Business
BSB50215 Diploma of Business Equine Business Management
BSIS50512 Diploma of Sport Coaching Advanced Horse Riding Instructor
More Courses to Come

Ausintec Academy is a member of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET). ACPET is the National Industry Association for independent providers of Vocational Education. They have strict controls in place to guarantee that students are treated fairly and in accordance with their guidelines

You may be eligible to be paid for up to two years for an individual course, but only if you are an Australian citizen and meet the Centrelink guidelines.

Your local Centrelink office will be able to let you know if you meet their criteria for our equine home learning. Most people do, but if you already have a sizable income then don’t expect to qualify!

Provider Institution Ref No: 4P530

  • Horse Lover Says Interesting and Engaging

    "As a horse lover, owner/rider and pony club instructor I have been using the online course Cert II in Business (Working with Horses) for the last two years with 3 high school students.

    I have found the course interesting and engaging and all three girls have completed the course and gained their accreditation.

    Personally I enjoy getting the emails that Glenys sends out as they always contain so much good down to earth information and always on varying topics.

    The content has never failed to resonate with my own years of experience and personal feelings for the horse.

    I keep them all in a special file and revisit them when I want a boost.

    Well done Glenys and the team at Online Horse College."

    From Pam Shipman

    Moura High School Queensland

    "The course is fun, educational and assists in broadening my knowledge of the equine world."

    Lisa H

    "Materials have been relevant (to my career with horses) and interesting."

    Amanda E

    "Very useful information. Pictures very appropriate"

    Belinda S

    "I'm enjoying the course and the challenges."

    Lara S

    "This course gives me a systematic knowledge of horse industry"

    Wang L

    "Interesting and well explained."

    Amanda E

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    Horse Steps, Strides, Gaits and Paces

    Do you remember how complicated it was learning about horse steps, strides, paces and gaits? Just when you thought that horses could walk, run and gallop you learned that when horses ran it was called trot and somewhere in there was canter. Great, now you know the four natural gaits of the horse, … [Read More...]

    Ten Reasons Why You Should Look Up When You Ride

    There was an old poem that my grandmother used to tell me about holding my head high and always looking between the horse’s ears when I rode. While I can’t remember the poem (and I don’t agree with ALWAYS looking between the horse’s ears), I do agree that the habit of looking up is certainly one … [Read More...]

    Interview with Jen Hamilton

    What type of philosophy do you have about riding and training your horse?  We make many choices . . . like if we should ride English or Western or if we choose to jump or not to jump. We also choose our training philosophy which could be adopted by our coaches and mentors.  In this interview … [Read More...]

    I Have a Good Excuse!

    Do you have a good excuse why you didn’t win the last competition, or why you haven’t ridden lately? The thing is that everyone HAS a good excuse! No-one wins all the time. But those who win more often and progress to higher levels don’t dwell on their excuses! They work out what went wrong, … [Read More...]

    Does My Butt Look Big In This Saddle?

    When you are riding in a lesson, do you make sure you shirt is tucked in before you start? What about if you are coaching a lesson, do you make sure your riders have their shirt tucked in before you commence a lesson? If not, why not? If you as a coach choose to not tuck your shirt in or … [Read More...]

    Do you want a better horse or do you want to be a better rider?

    Imagine this .  .  . you are out on a ride with some new friends and you are really enjoying your ride. They are all more experienced with horses than you, and you think you can learn a lot from them. You are happy they are including you in their ride and hope you will be invited again. As you … [Read More...]

    Horses and Happiness

    What type of horse does it take to make you happy? What has to happen to make you feel grateful for your horse? Second Horse To some one who learnt to ride on their first horse, happiness can be a younger, more energetic horse. Teenager To the teenager who has fast growing legs, happiness is … [Read More...]

    10 Tips To Improve Your Horse’s Results

    There has been a lot of research about visualization to assist you to achieve better results in your horse competition and equine performance goals, but there is more to it than that. These tips will help you improve your own and therefore your horse’s behaviour and performance. While there might … [Read More...]

    10 Reasons Why Equestrian Competitive Riders Should Take A Second Look At Gen Ys/Millennials

    Do you wonder why the up and coming Generation Y seem to be a higher quality of competitive equestrian riders than previous generations? What have they got that older competitors didn’t have when they were the same age? (Depending on who claims the research, Gen Y - also called Millennials - … [Read More...]

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