National Recognaize Training All of our online equine courses are from fully accredited qualifications and we are Nationally Recognised to deliver this training. See details of our last audit here. These home study horse courses have been adapted to the needs of the international Equestrian Industry. We are accredited to deliver the following;
SIS30712 Certificate 3 in Sport Coaching
SIS40512 Certificate 4 in Sport Coaching
SIS50512 Diploma of Sport Coaching
BSB10112 Certificate 1 in Business
BSB20112 Certificate 2 in Business
BSB30112 Certificate 3 in Business
BSB40212 Certificate 4 in Business
BSB50207 Diploma of Business
ACPET We are a member of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET). Acpet is the National Industry Association for independent providers of Vocational Education. They have strict controls in place to guarantee that students are treated fairly and in accordance with their guidelines
Central Link You may be eligible to be paid for up to two years for an individual course, but only if you are an Australian citizen and meet the Centrelink guidelines. Your local Centrelink office will be able to let you know if you meet their criteria for our equine home learning. Most people do, but if you already have a sizable income then don’t expect to qualify!Provider Institution Ref No: 4P530
Ausintec Acadamy Ausintec Academy (previously Ausintec/Caboolture Equestrian Centre) has been a Registered Training Organisation since 2010 delivering courses to meet the needs of the International Equestrian Industry during that time. Until recently Ausintec Academy has delivered all training ‘on campus’ but has developed online courses to meet the needs of the growing International equine community.Registered Training Organisation No: 31352
Guarantee Logo We offer a 100% Money Back Risk Free GuaranteeWe are so sure that our courses will prepare you to work in the Horse Industry that we will guarantee you a 100% full refund of all the course fees paid to OnlineHorseCollege .com if you cannot find work in the horse industry once you have completed our International Equine Career Pathway.
Equestrian Australia As a Registered Training Organisation, we cannot give you credit into the EA (Equestrian Australia – previously Equestrian Federation of Australia qualifications for the study you compete with us.However our Director (Glenys Cox) is a qualified Coach Educator and Examiner for EA and is able to offer credit into the EA qualifications from your studies at OnlineHorseCollege.comPlease contact her at Glenys (at) OnlineHorseCollege.com for further detailsFor information of RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) from our courses into EA courses, please visit this link on the EA website


Austrilian Horse Riding Centres Depending on your State requirements, the ‘Horse Riding Instructor’/ ‘Trail Ride Leader’/ ‘Certificate 3 in Sport Coaching’ with Equestrian Electives may be the complete qualification required for you to be employed immediately as a horse riding instructor or a trail ride leaderIf you require further assessments, or credit from one of our other courses our Director (Glenys Cox) is a qualified Coach Educator and Examiner and is able to complete your individual State requirementsPlease contact her at Glenys (at) OnlineHorseCollege.com for further details

Australian Students

All of our courses are Government Approved for training in the equine industry and Australian students can take advantage of these extra opportunities


  • Good Horse Person

    Good Horsemen and Butchers

    A friend of mine walked into a butcher shop in a small town on the way home from the National Dressage Finals. The butcher saw they were travelling with horses, and boasted that he used to ride … [read more]

    horses business

    Three Ideas For Horse Business Extra Income Streams

    I have been asked if it is better to have agistment/livery/boarding or to give lessons. In most cases, my answer is ‘What do your customers want?’ The majority of horse businesses are small … [read more]


    5 Tips To Gain Confidence With Horses

    Great horsemen through the ages are admired for their ability to ride spirited horses at speed, over fences and through difficult terrain. Even today we love our Olympians and their equine partners, … [read more]


    Do You Want Your Riding School Business To Have a Higher Income?

    You can create a higher income for your riding school without buying more horses, equipment or riding areas by simply filling in non-peak lesson time using the existing facilities. That itself is a … [read more]

    horse business

    Three Rules for Profitable Horse Businesses

    Q. How can I make my horse business profitable? Everyone wants to be well paid for doing what they love, especially if horses come into the equation. However many horse businesses do not run at a … [read more]


    Your Number 1 burning question about horses.

    Hi! People from all over the world have told me that they love the newsletters I’ve been sending you. You’re welcome! Now I’d love to ask you a favour . . . Please let me know your #1 … [read more]


    How I Pick Tradesmen For My Horse Property

    Sometimes a job needs to be done on the property that I have no expertise in. I mean, even if I could put a roof on a stable or repair the hot water system, why would I want to? That is not my area of … [read more]


    Bartercard for Horse Businesses

    Do you use Bartercard in your horse business? If not, then why not? I think the best way to describe Bartercard is that it is like a secret little family business where everyone recommends and uses … [read more]

    Starting Green Riders

    Starting Green Horses and Green Riders

    The A, B, & C’s So much has been said about the need to of the correct way to start of youngsters to the saddle, with progressive training so the green horses have the right attitude, are … [read more]


    7 Tips for a Safe and Efficient Horse Property

    Is your horse property set up so you can safely and efficiently carry out your regular horse routines to care for your horses with a minimum of fuss? Even if your horses are not your business, the … [read more]

    Horse Eye

    Developing an Eye for a Horse

    It takes time and experience to develop your sense of vision around horses. There is an old saying... "The eye of the master makes the horse fat". Put simply, the 'master' was and experienced … [read more]


    What Horse Riders Want vs What They Need

    As a horse riding instructor there is often a balance that must be maintained while teaching between safety, education and enjoyment as well as the balance between teaching what riders want vs what … [read more]

    Learning Styles

    What learning style do you use to learn more when learning about horses?

    Finding the right horse-riding instructor Knowing and understanding your type of learning style is a great start to finding the right horse-riding instructor. When you find one who understands your … [read more]


    7 Tips For Teaching Beginners On The Lunge

    People learn to ride in many ways and are instructors have developed many different routines and procedures to teach their beginner riders. The more experienced the instructor is the more the … [read more]


    How to Mount and Dismount a Horse

    Everyone knows that you don't mount a horse holding onto the cantle (back) of the saddle! The saddle tree twists and the risk of damaging the horses back increases. In addition, if the horse moves off … [read more]

    Did Michael'S Horse Save Him

    Did Michael’s Horse Save His Life?

    Michael was out riding one day when his horse was spooked by a gunshot. The horse bolted and threw Michael who then required x-rays. While his doctor was examining the x-rays it was revealed that … [read more]


    Healers with Four Legs and a Tail

     I have just read a lovely book about using horses for rehabilitation during or after a serious illness or depressing situation. The author Michael Hay writes about this natural but different … [read more]

    Teaching Horse Riding

    Teaching New Horse Riding Skills in Four Stages

    In the same way that the beginner horse rider learns to mount a horse or rise to the trot, the four stages of competence apply to more experienced riders as well as horse riding instructors as they … [read more]


    Where is the best place to be positioned when teaching horse riding?

    As you start to become more aware of teaching styles of horse riding instructors, you will probably be looking at the positioning of the horse riding instructor. Some are teaching standing up, sitting … [read more]

    Free Video Assessment

    Free Video Assessments About To Expire!

    Thanks to all our students who have sent in their videos on horse care, riding and teaching for us to assess.  There has been no charge for our current students to send us these videos to review, … [read more]

    addiction to horses

    Frustration From Horses or Passion For Horses?

    I love technology when it is working well but find it very frustrating when it isn’t!  I can do some of the basic stuff, but if the wrong button is pushed or a misdirected technical genius makes a … [read more]


    Risk Management Plan

    Let’s face it, riding is a high risk sport. Horses can Horses are unpredictable by nature and act on instinct, which could involve biting, kicking, shying and rearing. I know I could write a … [read more]


    Addicted to Horses

    My father sent me this poem, saying that was written about me. Then I put it on my Facebook page and countless people said that it could have been written about them. Of course there are some … [read more]

    Career With Horses

    Careers with Horses

    I hear from a lot of people who would love a career with horses. Some people look for a sponsor to magically produce wonderful horses for them to ride and to give them a high paying salary as well. … [read more]

    All Day With My Horse

    All Day With My Horse

    The other day, one of my students said to the other “I just love having my own horse business, I can spend all day with my horse”. In my opinion that is not a horse business, that is spending all … [read more]

    Better Coach

    How to be a Better Coach

    Equestrian Coaches Only! By Glenys Cox and Cristine Hall Do you know what you are doing when you are coaching people with horses? Take a moment to think about the last session that you … [read more]

    Working Student

    Working Student Needed

    Are you looking for a live in working student position in a horse business? This is an opportunity to train for Horse Riding Instructor qualifications with OnlineHorseCollege.com including ‘hands … [read more]


    Your Gift ‘On Horsemanship’ by Xenophon

    At Online Horse College, we are partnering with a PhD student to develop courses for Equine Assisted Learning courses. As part of her research, she would love to survey you about your coaching and … [read more]


    The First Rule For Any Horse Business, Including Non-Profits

    The First Rule For Any Horse Business, Including Non-Profits People who start non-profit charities or causes within the horse industry often have hearts of gold. They are supporting a cause that … [read more]

    Better Coach

    Teaching Styles in Equestrian Coaching

    Equestrian Coaches Only! Think about this for a moment!  You may know what you coach or why you coach but have you considered how you coach? As a coach you can use a variety of teaching styles … [read more]

    Horse Imaginations

    Horses And Their Imagination

    What was that? Aasifa pricked up her pretty little Arab shaped ears. Talisman pricked up his long thoroughbred ears and snorted. Zamizin pricked his ears, snorted and held his tail up. It was … [read more]

    When You Choose

    When You Choose, Always Think Of The Long Term Outcome

    As a business consultant to the equine industry, people ask me “What if I train my staff to gain a qualification and they leave?” My answer is “What happens if you don’t train them and they … [read more]

    funny horse cartoons exposes the truth

    Looks Like The Joke Is On Us!

    When you mix with people who are from outside the horse industry, do you feel like they are talking another language? You know that you are highly motivated and serious about horses, but now you … [read more]

    Settling Competition Nerves

    Strategies for Settling Competition Nerves

    In a highly competitive environment, it is easy to become very critical of others “How could THAT horse win, didn’t the judges see that all the changes to the left were late behind” “She … [read more]

    Rewarding Your Horse

    Three Rewards for Your Horse

    Have you ever noticed how when people ride their horses and reward them all the time, the horses go well for them? There are other riders who are always angry at their horses and give them a hard … [read more]


    Your Equine Priorities

    If one of your high priorities is to ride your horse, gain an equine qualification or make more profit in your horse business and you haven’t done anything about it in the last twenty-four hours then … [read more]

    Meditating with Horses

    Equine Meditation

    Do you enjoy early morning rides with your friends? Then on the day you wake up and realize that your alarm clock didn’t go off and you are now running quite late for your ride? Did you go into … [read more]

    addiction to horses

    How Addictions To Horses Are Created

    Horse Addiction I finally worked out why I was addicted to horses! According to Tony Robbins, humans have six basic needs and if they find an activity that satisfies at least four of those needs … [read more]

    understanding horses

    Understanding Horses

    Have you ever had your foot stood on by a horse? Horses’ brains have been wired to remember the negative/ survival memories. These survival memories have evolved the need to remember danger, … [read more]


    Teaching Trot Diagonals

    When your student doesn’t understand something (such as trot diagonals), most coaches automatically go back and re-explain in more simplified terms.Part of re-explaining in simplified terms is to … [read more]

    Equine Goal Setting

    Equine Goal Setting

    When Goals Change At the beginning of each year, we often set goals for the coming year. The number of times each week we are going to ride, how we are going to save up for a new saddle or focus on … [read more]


    Centrelink Horse Course

    Centrelink Assistance for EA Trainees Many EA (Equestrian Australia) Trainees are not aware that they are able to access Centrelink Assistance while they are training for horse qualifications or in … [read more]

    Horse Riding Instructor

    What Horse Riding Instructors Should Never Do?

    I love this part of the story from 'The Man Who Listens to Horses' by Monty Roberts: ‘I want you to think about this very carefully’….. ‘It should be like painting a picture of your lives in the … [read more]

    girls at home 007

    Horses, Ponies and Pecking Orders

    I was at a friends place and they were having problems keeping their pony confined. As we were talking the pony trotted up the full of high expectations, just like it was his birthday and he was … [read more]

    How to Properly Canter on a Horse

    How many horse ‘accidents’ can be prevented!

    I just heard the police minister talking about how rarely a real ‘accident’ happens and that most are caused by preventable actions like drink driving, speeding and fatigue Many horse accidents can … [read more]

    Hendra Virus Vaccine

    Hendra Virus Vaccine

    Attention: Horse Owners!  Hendra Virus Vaccination Now Available! Australian horse owners received the news on 1st November 2012 that the vaccination Equivac® HeV vaccine was now available. The … [read more]

    Funny Horse

    Uncharacteristic Behaviour in Horses

    Price is always a consideration when buying an asset for a business.  So when his owner told me that he was selling him cheap because he won’t ‘tuck his head in’ and he throws his head around even … [read more]


    How Does You Experience With Horses Influence Your Opinion On ‘Best Practice’

    Have you ever returned from a competition late at night, with two horses to unload, five horses to rug/blanket and feed with three tired, cranky young children in the car? I have! As much as I … [read more]


    First 5 Tips For Teaching Children’s Horse Riding Lessons

    If you were one of the people who took our recent survey, THANK YOU! In particular, if you were one of the people who asked for some tips for teaching children then this series of tips for … [read more]

    teaching children to ride horses

    Teaching Children To Ride Horses

    Tips For Teaching Children’s Horse Riding Lessons If you were one of the people who took our recent survey, THANK YOU!  In particular, if you were one of the people who asked for some tips for … [read more]


    The Olympic Question

    How often do you meet young riders who want to ride in the Olympics? I love to encourage anyone who sets themselves high goals, but I also like to know if people are serious or if they are just … [read more]


    This Is A Good Example Why Lesson Plans And Training Plans Should Be Flexible And Adaptable

    I remember the first time I taught Doris. She was a middle-aged woman, not particularly athletic and a little overweight. Her first three lessons were cancelled at the last minute so when the … [read more]


    The Reason Why It Is Simple But Not Easy To Ride,Teach Or Have An Equine Business

    When you meet someone who has had no experience with horses, do they ask you “Is it simple to ride a horse?” I usually reply that it is simple, but not easy! Simple means that there is a … [read more]


    Are You Half Way Towards Achieving The Goals You Set Six Months Ago?

    Are you half way towards achieving the goals you set six months ago? This is a great time of year to reflect on those New Year’s Resolutions. But if you haven’t saved for that saddle yet, or your … [read more]

    Coaching horse

    Are You or Do You Know Of An Experienced Horse Riding Instructor?

    If you are an experienced horse riding instructor and you have been waiting to ‘Beta’ test the new course then please keep reading  . . . When people use visualization techniques, I encourage them … [read more]

    Business Plan

    The Two Sides of Motivation

    We often associate motivation with physical energy. A motivated rider is one who is up early and always rides, usually a number of horses. A motivated instructor creates engaging lessons and … [read more]

    Business Plan

    Three Principles/Strategies to Help You with Your Equine Success!

    Recently someone asked me to name three main principles or strategies that I would recommend to people who would like to have a successful career with horses. Instead of just replying, I made a … [read more]

    teaching children to ride horses

    Do You Enjoy Early Morning Rides With Your Friends?

    Have you ever woken up to realize that your alarm clock didn’t go off and you are now running quite late for your ride? Did you go into a panic, trying to get everything done as fast as you can?  … [read more]

    What You Get When You Don’t Get What You Want!

    I knew a great horseman and every time he came across someone who thought they knew how to ride, he would ask them how many times they have fallen off. It was not that he wanted people to fall off, … [read more]

    How Does Your Horse Rate You

    What Would You Do With Your Horse In This Situation?

    In a place where I used to work, one of the horses (Sunshine) was injured.  After months of treatment and rehabilitation it became painfully obvious that Sunshine would never recover properly. Tom … [read more]


    Have You Taken Your Horse Here?

    Have you ever taken one of your beginner students or a young horse to a small unofficial club day so they can gain experience? Did they go out and build their confidence, learn a lot and totally … [read more]

    Horse Riding Instructor

    When You Have a Difficult Horse or Student, What is Your Strategy?

    Recently I was talking to an instructor friend of mine about a particular student, the type that others may call ‘difficult’. “I love this student!” he said. My teaching skills improve every … [read more]

    addiction to horses

    Your checklist for Your Horse’s Satisfaction Rating

    Methods to measure students’ satisfaction during their riding lessons are fairly well researched, but the horses’ satisfaction in their lessons is also important. Children may jump out of the car … [read more]

    Make Horse Safety a Priority

    Do You Ask Yourself These Questions

    Just as ‘getting the basics right’ is important for the training of a horse in any discipline, knowledge of 'the basics' is probably even more important for teaching. When I say the basics, I mean … [read more]

    Final Step to Achieve Your Horse Related Goals

        This final video in this series brings together the final step to achieve your horse riding, equestrian teaching and equine career study goals. In the video we discuss the … [read more]

    Planning to Achieve Your Horse Related Goals

    This video looks at breaking down your horse related goals and linking them into short term, mid term and long term goals and then shows you how to plan to achieve them. The plans include what to … [read more]

    We Help You Achieve Your Horse Related Goals

    This video goes through the first step of achieving your horse riding, equestrian teaching and equine career study goals. They could be over the next year or over a longer or shorter period of … [read more]

    How Many Goals Have You Achieved?

    Remember last January, when you set your goals to achieve for the year? How many have you achieved? Competition results?  Riding?  Studying? Training?  Teaching? Or simply learning more about … [read more]


    Teaching Canter Video

    If you were one of the people who used the techniques I suggested for teaching trot, thanks for your positive feedback! When you teach some-one how to perform a skill it makes you analyze the whole … [read more]


    Teaching Confidence

    I have some potentially bad news for you below. But first... Thanks again for those who have sent me the positive feedback on the tips for teaching trot and canter to complete beginners. Now for those … [read more]

    Meditating with Horses

    Ask Yourself These Two Important Questions…

    Regular self reflection is essential if you would like to continually improve your horse riding and teaching skills. First you ask you horse/student to perform a movement/ transition.  The next … [read more]

    black beauty horse

    Remember Black Beauty?

    Remember Black Beauty, the timeless classic written by Anna Sewell? http://studyhorses.com/fhs/ebks/Ebook-Black-Beauty.pdf There are some words in that book about the first time Black Beauty had … [read more]

    addiction to horses

    What Do You Look For In a Horse?

    Just as there are all types of people, there are all types of horses. Some people might prefer a sensitive, high strung horse and others will like a horse that tends to be lazy. From ‘ideal’ to … [read more]

    Advance Horse Riding Instructor Course

    What is Your Riding/ Teaching Philosophy?

    I have had some fantastic feedback from the video interview with Jen Hamilton . . . you know, the one that the survey participants received... Jen has a great philosophy which is to use a … [read more]

    Training a horse

    Windy Days Horse Problems

    Horses are notorious for being ‘fresh’ and ‘excitable’ on windy days. These reactions are part of the reason that horses have evolved and are still alive in the twenty-first century.  They have … [read more]


    World Famous Equestrian Coach – Jen Hamilton

    I love giving you practical info to about horses, horse riding and teaching and of course I love getting your valuable feedback and encouragement! So to continue to give you the info you need, … [read more]


    Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Good Riding Instructor or Horse Trainer?

    Being a good teacher or a good trainer is not just about doing things ‘by the book’. Going in to teach a lesson armed with a lesson plan, or preparing for a competition with constant referral to a … [read more]


    How Is Your Horse’s Satisfaction Rating Of You?

    This is a checklist for your horse’s satisfaction rating Methods to measure students’ satisfaction during their riding lessons are fairly well researched, but the horses’ satisfaction in their … [read more]

    Horse Riding Instructor

    Who is Really in Control

    We all know that the rider or handler should be in control of the horse, but are you in control of your thought process? When things go wrong, do you ask yourself what you could have done … [read more]

    teaching children to ride horses

    How Do you Receive Feedback in Your Riding Lessons?

    Feedback should be given regularly to horses and riders for them to continually improve. For riders, there are two main forms of verbal feedback. - The ‘Sandwich Technique’ where your comments are … [read more]

    How Does Your Horse Rate You

    Are You Halfway on July 1st?

    The activity of setting and achieving goals is like planning to go on a trail ride for a picnic lunch and then arriving at the planned place at the planned time. The first step is to decide on the … [read more]


    How to Properly Canter on a Horse

    When you are learning how to canter on a horse, there are many problems that the movement of cantering can cause. These tips will minimise those problems so you can enjoy cantering a horse. How To … [read more]


    Training Your Horse (Riding Aids Explained)

    How you use your horse riding aids and how effective you are with them in your equine training or equestrian training will depend upon your abilities and level as a rider. The more you progress and … [read more]


    Tips for Caring for Horses Who Live Outside

    The care of horses involves many tasks. This article looks at some of the basic necessities and tasks you need to know when you are learning about how to take care of horses correctly. You may be … [read more]


    How to Take Care of Stabled Horses

    Many new horse owners are not sure how to care for a horse and the main points as well as a few horse care tips are listed below. This article may not teach you how to take care of horses who live in … [read more]


    The Reason Why People Have Horse Careers or a Horse Business

    If you work with horses or a horse business, you already know the answer to this one! Horse careers and horse businesses have an extra ingredient that many traditional businesses do not have. Unless … [read more]


    The Three Essentials for Profitable Equine Business Management!

    Are you planning your horse business around one of the equine businesses that you would like to have? Or do you have the equine business management skills to create one of the profitable horse … [read more]


    Horse Business Ideas that Worked

    Are Your Customers Ready For Your Horse Business Ideas? You may have some fantastic equine business ideas and have written some brilliant horse business plans, but the sad fact is that unless there … [read more]


    How to Lunge a Horse

    How to Lunge a Horse in Preparation for a Rider It is very important to warm a horse up on the lunge before mounting the rider ready for lungeing exercises. Lunging the horse before mounting the … [read more]


    Make Horse Safety a Priority

    Your Safety Horse Checklist in Preparation for Safety Riding & Teaching Horse Safety – The Gear Check Checking the saddlery and equipment (a.k.a gear check) for horse safety and comfort as well as … [read more]

    Make Horse Safety a Priority

    Do You Know This Person?

    You may not have heard of the person who quoted this . . . “A teacher does not have the right to put a cap on the aspirations of his students - no matter how unreal those aspirations might … [read more]


    Course Pathway

    At Online Horse College, we have developed a Pathway for you to learn more about horses. If you already have previous experience with horses then you can choose a suitable course along the … [read more]


    Equine Business Owners

    Managing and owing a horse business is so much more than selling horse equipment or teaching people how to ride. There is the marketing to attract new customers, knowing how to sell your customers … [read more]

    Equestrian jumper

    OnlineHorseCollege.com Courses

    Check the OnlineHorseCollege.com Pathway for Equine Learning to find out where you can commence your equine studies in the current Pathway. This is a fantastic way … [read more]


    Horse Riding Instructors

    The best way to learn a new skill or to improve a skill is to learn from some-one who already has these skills. Many of us commence our teaching career by helping solve other people’s horse … [read more]


    Horse Industry Employment

    Being paid for something that you love to do is a great way to live! If you are passionate about working with horses and would like to have a career in the horse industry then it is essential that … [read more]


    Safety & Confidence with Horses

    Would you recognise when your horse is uncomfortable or not happy and is about to use his natural instincts to fix the situation? He may be a lovely quiet horse, but unless you recognise some simple … [read more]


    Secret to Breaking Bad Habits

    A couple of months ago I broke my hand. Once the plaster was off, I had the little finger and the next strapped together and rode with the rein held between the 2nd & 3rd fingers. After the … [read more]

    Funny Horse

    Does This Describe You?

    I love this poem . . . Why do I like horses? I reckon I must be mad. My mother wasn't horsey And neither was my dad. But the madness hit me early And it hit me like a curse. And I've never … [read more]

    Settling Competition Nerves

    How You and Your Horse Can Have a Winning Day

    While winning first prize at a horse competition is wonderful, it is not the only way to have a winning day. Some may consider the final proof may be on the competition day,  but the real winning … [read more]