Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please remember that we are here to help!
If you are not sure and think your question may be silly or trivial then please ask us. We are always happy to help.

Below are a list of answers to our most commonly asked questions

Is my qualification Government Accredited?
All of our qualifications are Government Accredited

Can I get insurance?
Our Horse Riding Instructor, Specialised Horse-riding Instructor and Advanced Horse-riding Instructor qualifications are recognised by the following insurance companies
– Affinity
– Aon
– Millers

How can I get Centrelink Assistance?
After you enrol with us, please ask us for a Centrelink approved Confirmation of Enrolment. Your local Centrelink office will let you know about eligibility.


Help! I am an enrolled student and I can’t remember my password!
Simply go to either Student Portal, Student Login or Student Management System (depending on the course you are enrolled in)

Under where you would normally login, there is an option ‘Forgot Your Password?’

Follow the instructions to retrieve your password

What if I can’t study every week?
Not a problem! We understand that when you have horses, (especially when you complete them) your routine may change from week to week. Your Training Plan and lessons are delivered on a weekly basis, but this is flexible

What happens if I slip behind, can my course be extended?
Of course it can! Simply let us know and we will change the end date of your course

I don’t like to pay over the internet, can I pay directly into a bank account
Please contact us for our bank details, so this can be paid directly.

If you have any more FAQs then please let us know