Horse Riding Instructors

Horse Riding Instructors

Horse Riding Instructors

The best way to learn a new skill or to improve a skill is to learn from some-one who already has these skills.

Many of us commence our teaching career by helping solve other people’s horse problems.

But to be a safe, effective horse riding instructor, other knowledge should be acquired and other skills developed.


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  • What Do Vicki Roycroft, Monty Roberts and Dr Andrew McLean have in common?

    If you guessed that they are all world class professional horse people, you are right! Vicki holds the record for the first female Olympic athlete to compete in both showjumping and eventing, Monty travels the world teaching his Join-Up method and Andrew is another international expert who has used evidence based scientific research to improve […]

    Horse Steps, Strides, Gaits and Paces

    Do you remember how complicated it was learning about horse steps, strides, paces and gaits? Just when you thought that horses could walk, run and gallop you learned that when horses ran it was called trot and somewhere in there was canter. Great, now you know the four natural gaits of the horse, or are […]

    Ten Reasons Why You Should Look Up When You Ride

    There was an old poem that my grandmother used to tell me about holding my head high and always looking between the horse’s ears when I rode. While I can’t remember the poem (and I don’t agree with ALWAYS looking between the horse’s ears), I do agree that the habit of looking up is certainly […]

    Great Horse Riding Instructor

    22 Qualities for Becoming a Great Horse Riding Instructor – Your Code of Conduct

    Interview with Jen Hamilton

    What type of philosophy do you have about riding and training your horse?  We make many choices . . . like if we should ride English or Western or if we choose to jump or not to jump. We also choose our training philosophy which could be adopted by our coaches and mentors.  In this […]

    I Have a Good Excuse!

    Do you have a good excuse why you didn’t win the last competition, or why you haven’t ridden lately? The thing is that everyone HAS a good excuse! No-one wins all the time. But those who win more often and progress to higher levels don’t dwell on their excuses! They work out what went wrong, […]

    Do you want a better horse or do you want to be a better rider?

    Imagine this .  .  . you are out on a ride with some new friends and you are really enjoying your ride. They are all more experienced with horses than you, and you think you can learn a lot from them. You are happy they are including you in their ride and hope you will […]

    Horses and Happiness

    What type of horse does it take to make you happy? What has to happen to make you feel grateful for your horse? Second Horse To some one who learnt to ride on their first horse, happiness can be a younger, more energetic horse. Teenager To the teenager who has fast growing legs, happiness is […]

    Horse Vision – Interesting Facts that Affect Horse Behaviour

    What it is about horses’ eyes? Your life can be in turmoil, full of stress and worries and then . . . you look into the eyes of a contented horse, really look into them,  and it can have such an amazing effect on your day. A large eye has a much more powerful effect, […]

    A Guard Dog Trainer Taught Me About Horses’ Eyes

    The guard dog trainer was watching a young excitable horse who was being a bit cheeky while being lunged. The man had previously told me that he had very limited knowledge about horses so I was explained that the horse was not naughty, just being a bit fresh and playful. I explained that once the […]