Horse Riding Instructors

Horse Riding Instructors

Horse Riding Instructors

The best way to learn a new skill or to improve a skill is to learn from some-one who already has these skills.

Many of us commence our teaching career by helping solve other people’s horse problems.

But to be a safe, effective horse riding instructor, other knowledge should be acquired and other skills developed.


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  • Do you want a better horse or do you want to be a better rider?

    Imagine this .  .  . you are out on a ride with some new friends and you are really enjoying your ride. They are all more experienced with horses than you, and you think you can learn a lot from them. You are happy they are including you in their ride and hope you will […]

    Horses and Happiness

    What type of horse does it take to make you happy? What has to happen to make you feel grateful for your horse? Second Horse To some one who learnt to ride on their first horse, happiness can be a younger, more energetic horse. Teenager To the teenager who has fast growing legs, happiness is […]

    Horse Vision – Interesting Facts that Affect Horse Behaviour

    What it is about horses’ eyes? Your life can be in turmoil, full of stress and worries and then . . . you look into the eyes of a contented horse, really look into them,  and it can have such an amazing effect on your day. A large eye has a much more powerful effect, […]

    A Guard Dog Trainer Taught Me About Horses’ Eyes

    The guard dog trainer was watching a young excitable horse who was being a bit cheeky while being lunged. The man had previously told me that he had very limited knowledge about horses so I was explained that the horse was not naughty, just being a bit fresh and playful. I explained that once the […]

    Your Number 1 burning question about horses.

    Hi! People from all over the world have told me that they love the newsletters I’ve been sending you. You’re welcome! Now I’d love to ask you a favour . . . Please let me know your #1 burning question about horses, horse business and equestrian coaching Then I’ll answer the most common questions that […]

    Starting Green Horses and Green Riders

    The A, B, & C’s So much has been said about the need to of the correct way to start of youngsters to the saddle, with progressive training so the green horses have the right attitude, are well-balanced and able to understand the communication between rider and horse under saddle. This could be called the […]

    Developing an Eye for a Horse

    It takes time and experience to develop your sense of vision around horses. There is an old saying… “The eye of the master makes the horse fat”. Put simply, the ‘master’ was and experienced knowledgeable horseperson. An experienced horse person can walk into a stable and in a second and know that a horse is […]

    What Horse Riders Want vs What They Need

    As a horse riding instructor there is often a balance that must be maintained while teaching between safety, education and enjoyment as well as the balance between teaching what riders want vs what riders need. A good instructor will say that safety comes first with horses and while I agree to a point, there is […]

    What learning style do you use to learn more when learning about horses?

    Finding the right horse-riding instructor Knowing and understanding your type of learning style is a great start to finding the right horse-riding instructor. When you find one who understands your learning style and adapts their lesson to match, they you can progress your understanding of horses and riding much quicker than having a horse-riding instructor […]

    7 Tips For Teaching Beginners On The Lunge

    People learn to ride in many ways and are instructors have developed many different routines and procedures to teach their beginner riders. The more experienced the instructor is the more the procedures are fine tuned so that the beginner rider remains safe while learning to ride in the most efficient manner. I am a strong […]

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